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To ensure a high competency level of our students to safely and skillfully apply eyelash extensions, we offer in class training. This training comprises of theoretical and practical instruction. Upon this revision will enable students to familiarize themselves with the products and procedure prior to class training. A general understanding of the application of extensions will better prepare student to gain the most from the classes.

Theory – The training manual will be worked through in its entirety. All sections will discussed between students and instructor

Practical – Under guidance and supervision, students will receive practical hands on training. Eyelash extension techniques will be practiced as follows:

  • Practice mannequins – This first application level will be to successfully complete an application, touch-up and removal on practice mannequins.
  • Other students – The second level will comprise of students partnering up with fellow students to apply extension on each other; this will give them first hand experience and understanding of the procedure from both sides – the client and the technician. (please note that this section may be deleted at the discretion of the trainer; students will then move directly on to practicing on live models)
  • Models – The third level will be the successful application of a set of eyelash extensions on a live model.


Student-trainer ratio

  • Every effort will be made to maintain a maximum student to trainer ratio of 4-1. This will ensure that every student will get the necessary attention.